Company Profile

Forsius is exclusive importer and distributor in Romania and Hungary for car paints manufactured by the well-known Dutch company  Akzo Nobel.We also import and distribute accesories and equipments specific for car painting/refinishing garages.
Akzo Nobel is the leading company in the world in producing car refinishes and accesories products. Founded in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, the company produces and supplies a wide range of paints, laquer and special chemical products, having a turnover of  €15.4 bn in 2018. In reality it is the largest company in the world in this field, with 60.000 employees in 80 countries and it supplies chemical products for the automotive industry from all over the world.
Akzo Nobel supplies a very diversified range of paints, among which we can mention the full painting systems: Sikkens®, Lesonal®, Dynacoat®.
The name history of Forsius
1611 - Finland - The oldest chromatic circle known today that's worth its name originates from the Finnish born astronomer, priest and Neoplatonist Aron Sigfrid Forsius (1569-1637). Forsius became Professor of Astronomy in Uppsala (Sweden) in 1603, later moving as a preacher to Stockholm and beyond. In his chromatic circle, between the colors Black and White, Red has been placed on the one side since the classical antiquity, and Blue on the other; Yellow then comes between White and Red, pale Yellow between White and Yellow, Orange between Yellow and Red.
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Short history
The Forsius team was set up on September 1st, 2004, with only 6  eemployees. In 2019, 15 years later Forsius is one of the leading companies on the Romanian car refinishes market, while the number of employees reached over 4 four times.